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АО «КБ «Аметист»


Our history

April 10th, 1950 №00255 Order of the Minister of Shipbuilding Industry of the USSR at the plant №782 was created by the design bureau, which later received the name «Ametist».

First self-developed radar control system ( RCS ) ship artillery weapons « Bars» (MP- 103 ) has been installed on the ship of the Navy in 1952 .

Since 1953, adopted the domestic and foreign fleets delivered more than 2,000 samples of radar and optical-electronic control systems developed by DB «Ametist», among which the world-famous «Rys’» (MP- 104 ), «Bars» (MP- 103 ), «Vympel» (MP- 123 ) , «Lev» (MP- 114 ), «Lev - 100» (MP- 145 ), the most massive demand for anti-aircraft missile complex «Osa-M» and others.

In 1982, «Ametist» developed and prepared the transition to digital devices as part of the third generation MR-184 (RCS «Lev-218») for controlling the firing of shore , sea and air targets.

In 1986 for merits in establishing and equipping the Navy serial, highly artillery armament, Design Bureau «Ametist» was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

1988. Design Bureau completed the development of the modification of the MP-184, designed to control gun mounts AK-100. It created the first Russian electro-optical fire control system with one or two gun mounts and settings unguided jet weapons СП 521.

Another achievement of DB «Ametist» was the creation of a control system for coastal artillery destruction of large and medium surface ships , transports and amphibious vehicles.

Government Decision 1989 DB «Ametist» is defined leading developer of shipboard artillery systems . In the same year DB «Ametist» receives tactical and technical requirements for the development of a new electronic control system naval artillery 5П-10, including its lightweight version.

The radio-electronic control system 5П-10Э and its modifications are multifunctional electronic systems. It is, because in addition to solving the problems of fire control produce a stand-alone search, automatic capture to support the four most dangerous targets, rankings captured purposes of hazard with the elaboration of baseline data for two of them, and permission for the purposes of the automatic firing when entering the zone of fire. A characteristic feature of these systems is the integration of radar and optical-electronic means.

1999-2002. For frigates , built by order of the Indian Navy , developed and was successfully tested electronic systems of naval artillery fire control 5П-10Э. All series of frigates were equipped with this control system.

In 2003, the ship have been completed tests of compact multi-functional electronic system modification 5П-10-03Э. During the test was carried out over 30 artillery fire, including the first simultaneous shooting of a system of control for two purposes, attacking the ship from different directions.

Production of Design Bureau «Ametist» supplies fleets of more than twenty countries. Only for foreign orders, the manufacturers of electronic control systems of artillery and missile weapons were delivered to more than 700, developed at different times, samples of military equipment. Twelve employees of the design bureau awarded the State Prize, two of them twice. For contribution to the development of export-oriented military products DB «Ametist» was awarded the national prize «Golden Idea»for 2004.

In the current conditions of the scientific-technical and industrial potential of the company is aimed at creating long-term naval and coastal artillery weapons, which must meet the requirements of the XXI century. One of the priorities in the development of modern systems of armament control is to improve the space-time adaptive processing methods of radar signals, providing adaptation of radar characteristics to uneven and time varying interference and target setting. Careful attention is paid to an integrated approach to development, the final transition to the domestic element base, maximum use of the latest achievements in the field of robotics, machine learning expert systems.

The main activities of the enterprise:

• development and modernization of naval artillery systems designed to destroy coastal , marine and air targets , including artillery , control systems, ballistic and guided munitions;
• development and modernization of control devices with artillery and rocket fire jet , parts and accessories thereof;
• development and modernization of radar and optical - electronic fire control systems for naval and coastal artillery, radar data processing devices;
• development and modernization of control devices and rocket artillery fire;
• development, production and modernization of control mechanisms, automated artillery;
• development, production and modernization of navigational radar for ships of the Navy;
• development, production and modernization of automated systems to ensure electromagnetic compatibility of radio electronic means warships;
• manufacturing supervision, adjustment, commissioning and repair, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of supplied products at the sites;
The company is a leading developer of naval and coastal artillery systems of the Navy and coauthor of a number of enterprises in the production of the automated artillery and navigation radar.
Civilian products: development, production and modernization of medical equipment ( including magnetic therapeutic units of local and general purpose - »Magistr» and «Magnetronн»), and other consumer goods.